Root Canal Treatment UPM Malaysia oh Root Canal Treatment UPM Malaysia

Root Canal Treatment also call Rawatan Akar.

Recently I have done my root canal at UPM dental clinic.

I need to go 3 times for the treatment.
1st times: 22 December 2017
Consultation RM 10
Xray RM 25
Filling RM 10
GST - 6% RM 2.70
 Total = RM 47.70

2nd times: 1 Jan 2018
Consultation RM 10
RCT - root canal treatment RM 150
GST 6% - RM 9.60
 Total RM 169.60 

3 rd time:
Consultation RM 10
Xray RM 25
GST 6%: RM 2.10
Total - RM 37.10

TOTAL DAMAGE: 254.40 compare private clinic RM 600++, I SAVE RM 345.60 which is about 60%.

UPM Dental Clinic Website:

Dentist that treat me:

Dr. Fatimah Zahrah Fakhrul Razi, BDS(Al Azhar)
Pegawai PergigianBilik Rawatan Pergigian 05

My comment: Very good environment, service is by appointment, Facility like private clinic, I ask her to write a reference letter to me.

My pain teeth is called 1st bicuspid.

Next I need to do CROWNING at government dental clinic. I choose Putrajaya Precinct 18 Dental Clinic.

Today is the first treatment (23 February 2018).

Jialat - found out that I have two root not single root. My teeth is upper teeth fourth one called "1st Bicuspid" aka " 1st Pre Molar ".


This means that UPM didn't help me clear all my root. ( My xray is like B picture as above)

So today Dr. Aswani help me to do XRAY and Root Canal for 2nd root.

Total Damage: 

Consultation RM 5

Filling RM 2

ONLY RM 7, so cheap.




Zirconium Crown RM 250++


Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) RM 180++

So next visit in APRIL - I need to decide which type of crown I want to use. 6 April 2018.


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