About Me

I am ck5354. Why I choose 5354 because I never take life seriously and I like to talk anything.

I always practice LAUGHTER is the BEST medicine.

I like stock and now learning to invest in property.

I am in mid 30s, a guy with a little bit of investment experience that like forehand call rather than back hand call.

I set up my blog in 2008 after I burn seriously in call warrant but I still like call warrant. High gain high risk. (*GRIN*)

My investment is based on 90 % FA + 10 % mood+volume+tips. I always have Holding Power before I buy.

My ultimate purpose of my blog is to build a SUPPORT Group that can share about Bursa Malaysia.

You can access this through the chat box which required you to register. Sometimes the chat box will have some TIPS but BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

My blog welcome you, Together we make money from Share Market.

We have no denomination, no school of thought, no discrimination, but definitely and hopefully will not bring you to HOLLAND.

Contact Me:

If you interested to put adv at my blog, I can be contacted at ck5354@gmail.com. My target reader - all have Extra Money to invest in KLSE.

Evaluate Good Stock Method

PE is PE ratio. The lower the better.
G is Growth, expected long term growth rate eg 15%. The higher the better
G is gearing, the lower the better, best is net cash.
Y is yield, ie dividend yield. The higher the better
Source: Polite Market