Friday, November 21, 2014

IOI City Mall oh IOI City Mall

Market sipeh sian, so I go to IOI City Mall to jalan jalan.

Here are some of the pictures:

IOI City Mall Blue Print

Mostly Restaurant:

Olympic Size Ice Skating

How to retire early oh How to retire early

Below is a quick review:
  1. You can’t rely on passive compound growth to build your assets for early retirement because there is not enough time. You’ll want to apply one of the following three principles to step on the accelerator pedal and grow your assets faster: extreme frugality, active investing, or leverage. Combine all three to supercharge your asset growth and retire even faster.
  2. Inflation is the number one enemy of early retirees because it destroys assets over time – and early retirees have lots of time for the government to devour their savings through inflation. You must design your portfolio so that it’s protected from the ravages of inflation.
  3. Early retirees typically have different spending patterns from traditional retirees because they lead a more active life. You must budget appropriately to compensate for this higher expected spending level.
  4. Early retirees face a period without the base support provided by Social Security and Medicare. They must plan a “bridge budget” to compensate for this time period where income will be lower, and expenses higher.
  5. Early retirement requires you to build a perpetual income stream; your assets must last so long that essentially no principal can be spent – only income.
  6. Early retirement is all about lifestyle – not budgeting, income planning, and investing. Make sure you get a life beyond the pro-leisure circuit, because you are going to be living it for a very long time.


Jobstreet oh Jobstreet

Deal is done.

Dear colleagues,

It is almost a 20-year start-up journey for us and we are closing the deal and officially handing over the management to Seek management team. 

The most important message I want to say to you and all our former staff is "Thank you". Thank you for all your sacrifices, loyalty, hard work and unselfish contributions all these years. Other people can claim but I know you are the ones who have done all the real work. You are the real unsung heroes of our company. With you in my wing, I had confidence to compete with the best in the world and we became the most successful Internet company in this region to date and touch the lives of millions. With you, I have so much joy in my work and with you, I have found meaning in my life. A simple "Thank you" does not sound sufficient but it is through this simple "Thank you" which encompasses all my wholehearted tributes and all my best intentions to each and everyone of you. 

At the end of today, I will no longer your CEO but I will be your friend for life. I ask your forgiveness for all the wrongs I have done. It has been a wonderful journey travelling with you. We did not really change the world; instead, the world has changed us. 

I learn that real wealth is not money and the money that I earned, I will give most away for good causes. Real wealth is what money cannot buy such as health, good relationship, happiness and peace of mind. May we, the mortal and foolish ones, have the wisdom to pick the right choices.

May you find what you seek.

Mark Chang

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quarterly Results oh Quarterly Results

It's time to check the quarterly results.

Net Profit
Per Share (Cent)
20/11/2014MAHSING713,55485,9395.860.00Malaysia Stock - MAHSING Report
20/11/2014FABER166,5029,3432.570.00Malaysia Stock - FABER Report
20/11/2014AASIA7,7351,2821.070.00Malaysia Stock - AASIA Report
20/11/2014YTLE21,5119,1280.680.00Malaysia Stock - YTLE Report
20/11/2014VITROX39,50611,3894.900.00Malaysia Stock - VITROX Report
20/11/2014JADI18,435-186-0.030.00Malaysia Stock - JADI Report
20/11/2014EURO23,663-30-0.040.00Malaysia Stock - EURO Report
20/11/2014SDRED96,25312,4042.910.00Malaysia Stock - SDRED Report
20/11/2014CHHB47,292-3,901-1.420.00Malaysia Stock - CHHB Report
20/11/2014FAREAST109,15536,10625.5410.00Malaysia Stock - FAREAST Report
20/11/2014MERCURY11,5681,3433.340.00Malaysia Stock - MERCURY Report
20/11/2014FCW6,62050,27820.110.00Malaysia Stock - FCW Report
20/11/2014INNO13,5101,5480.810.00Malaysia Stock - INNO Report
20/11/2014RSAWIT61,9817460.040.00Malaysia Stock - RSAWIT Report
20/11/2014GPACKET89,170121,62317.600.00Malaysia Stock - GPACKET Report
20/11/2014PETRONM2,621,028-8,664-3.200.00Malaysia Stock - PETRONM Report
20/11/2014UOAREIT22,00610,7992.552.45Malaysia Stock - UOAREIT Report
20/11/2014GENP370,53469,2829.100.00Malaysia Stock - GENP Report
20/11/2014ILB10,263-2,343-1.300.00Malaysia Stock - ILB Report
20/11/2014RHBCAP2,723,349544,61021.200.00Malaysia Stock - RHBCAP Report
20/11/2014CHINWEL127,5178,9503.280.00Malaysia Stock - CHINWEL Report
20/11/2014IMASPRO18,7881,8362.300.00Malaysia Stock - IMASPRO Report 

Net Profit
Per Share (Cent)
20/11/2014HCK16,5312,2824.940.00Malaysia Stock - HCK Report
20/11/2014MUDA246,5992,9050.950.00Malaysia Stock - MUDA Report
20/11/2014N2N9,3111,9230.550.70Malaysia Stock - N2N Report
20/11/2014YTLPOWR3,358,710243,8493.590.00Malaysia Stock - YTLPOWR Report
20/11/2014CAREPLS37,469-21-0.010.00Malaysia Stock - CAREPLS Report
20/11/2014TGOFFS18,916-513-0.140.00Malaysia Stock - TGOFFS Report
20/11/2014YOKO47,2361,2081.420.00Malaysia Stock - YOKO Report
20/11/2014MEDAINC26,1073750.080.00Malaysia Stock - MEDAINC Report
20/11/2014YTLLAND27,3143,5730.500.00Malaysia Stock - YTLLAND Report
20/11/2014SCOMIES389,35418,5050.790.00Malaysia Stock - SCOMIES Report
20/11/2014SYSTECH2,6141,0400.330.00Malaysia Stock - SYSTECH Report
20/11/2014ECOWLD35,6337660.300.00Malaysia Stock - ECOWLD Report
20/11/2014QL656,54148,1743.860.00Malaysia Stock - QL Report
20/11/2014MCLEAN9,075-658-0.560.00Malaysia Stock - MCLEAN Report
20/11/2014PTB11,321-228-0.150.00Malaysia Stock - PTB Report
20/11/2014SMISCOR36,9752380.560.00Malaysia Stock - SMISCOR Report
20/11/2014DGSB28,4693,6820.270.00Malaysia Stock - DGSB Report
20/11/2014GESHEN25,4032880.370.00Malaysia Stock - GESHEN Report
20/11/2014KSSC26,3781,9502.030.00Malaysia Stock - KSSC Report
20/11/2014SANBUMI7,284-3,250-1.870.00Malaysia Stock - SANBUMI Report
20/11/2014PERMAJU38,589-2,575-1.380.00Malaysia Stock - PERMAJU Report
20/11/2014ASIAPLY19,58690.010.00Malaysia Stock - ASIAPLY Report               

Net Profit
Per Share (Cent)
20/11/2014POS371,66633,9936.330.00Malaysia Stock - POS Report
20/11/2014JAG31,0421,7150.200.25Malaysia Stock - JAG Report
20/11/2014FIMACOR83,02516,12320.0430.00Malaysia Stock - FIMACOR Report
20/11/2014MEGB8,6806,4211.580.00Malaysia Stock - MEGB Report
20/11/2014TANCO612-4,859-1.450.00Malaysia Stock - TANCO Report
20/11/2014AEON930,59343,6643.110.00Malaysia Stock - AEON Report
20/11/2014ARMADA636,509108,0932.290.00Malaysia Stock - ARMADA Report
20/11/2014KHIND82,1592,9397.3410.00Malaysia Stock - KHIND Report
20/11/2014KOSSAN328,35234,4035.383.50Malaysia Stock - KOSSAN Report
20/11/2014TGUAN191,8754,9154.670.00Malaysia Stock - TGUAN Report
20/11/2014PWORTH43,8578390.230.00Malaysia Stock - PWORTH Report
20/11/2014CBIP149,39922,6058.523.00Malaysia Stock - CBIP Report
20/11/2014MINETEC46,5102050.070.00Malaysia Stock - MINETEC Report
20/11/2014CNI22,183-1,668-0.230.00Malaysia Stock - CNI Report
20/11/2014SCOMIEN73,8722350.070.00Malaysia Stock - SCOMIEN Report
20/11/2014CARIMIN65,5285,5293.190.00Malaysia Stock - CARIMIN Report
20/11/2014YKGI132,078-8,391-2.410.00Malaysia Stock - YKGI Report
20/11/2014CANONE223,88113,4518.830.00Malaysia Stock - CANONE Report
20/11/2014ORIENT875,44091,58814.760.00Malaysia Stock - ORIENT Report
20/11/2014SALCON20,842-1,759-0.260.00Malaysia Stock - SALCON Report
20/11/2014YTL4,484,280216,1282.090.00Malaysia Stock - YTL Report
20/11/2014YTLREIT102,3037,7240.581.92Malaysia Stock - YTLREIT Report


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