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6/17/2013 03:33:00 PM

Proton SAGA SV oh Proton SAGA SV

ck5354 |

Maybe I can ask my wife to considered this car rather than MYVI.

Price on the road with insurance:

Manual - RM 33438 (solid)
           - RM 33888 (metallic)

CVT - RM 36438 (solid)
       - RM 36888 (metallic)

How many colours? Six, 
1) Solid White, 
2) Elegant Brown, 
3) Tranquility Black, 
4) Fire Red
5) Genetic Silver 
and 6) Blue Rock

Proton SV Specs:

Engine: CamPro IAFM, 4 Cylinder, DOHC 16V
Fuel Tank Capacity: 40 litre
Performance: Manual – Maximum Speed 160km/h, acceleration (0-100km) 13s,  Fuel consumption at 90km/h 6.0
Performance: CVT – Maximum Speed 155km/h, acceleration (0-100km) 14.5s,  Fuel consumption at 90km/h 6.3
Features: Tilt steering, Radio/CD/MP3 player, Carpet mat, no. plate holder, Lotus Ride & Handling, Key-less Remote Entry
Safety & Security:  Alarm System, Immobilizer System, Reverse Sensor, Central door lock & Dual Airbag, Tinted window, Security Etching
Colours availability: Solid white, Tranquility black, Genetic silver, Blue Rock, Elegant brown, Fire red


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