Kitchen Sink Water Pipe Leakage oh Kitchen Sink Water Pipe Leakage

My kitchen sink pipe have a little bit of leakage, can say droplet of water. This type of problem very headache.

I think I have to call the plumber. I have consult the Indonesia plumber, he suggest to change to flexible hose like the picture below. But he charge RM 200 inclusive of the flexible hose. Sipeh expensive. My original connection is a plastic pipe. The previous plumber bend the plastic pipe which I think it is the source of the leakage.

So, HOW??? CHANGE or NOT CHANGE??? Must change before CNY since I go back IPOH else later my house flooded.

I will call another plumber to check on the PRICE. We have to be a SMART consumer.


Do it yourself and save yourself a lot of money. Get some teflon tape and have a spanner. That's all you need. Look up the diy book online if you do not know how.

Sometime I hv to let people earn money. Because small leakage very headache.