Children Sick oh Children Sick

Last 1 weeks, My daughter cough and now it spread to my wife and my son.

My daughter don't like to take Western Cough Syrup, so no choice I have to bring her see Chinese Sinsei.

Sipeh expensive, RM 42 include medicine - cough powder - poor thing is this one can not claim back from company.

Beside that, I also have to buy Western Herb medicine from pharmacy. Both also can not claim from my company.

a) Esberitox - RM 60 - 100 tablets

Caring Pharmacy is selling at RM 72

b) Prospan - RM 15.90 for 100 ml

Prospan's mode of action explained 
  • Beta 2 receptors in the bronchial cells are stimulated by the presence of adrenalin or other beta 2 receptors.
  • Bronchial cells have a down regulation system to prevent over stimulation.
  • This down regulation leads to the internalisation of the receptors when exposed to adrenaline.
  • The active ingredient in Prospan blocks this internalisation and leaves more receptors available on the cells surface so that naturally-ocurring adrenaline can work more effectively.
 Prospan's effect
  • The increased number of adrenaline stimulated beta 2 receptors leads to greater production of cyclic AMP.
  • Greater cAMP production has 2 outcomes:
    • more surfactant is produced in the lungs reducing mucus viscosity
    • the level of intra-cellular calcium is reduced resulting in broncho-dilation
Research findings of Prospan
Prospan has been subject to rigorous clinical testing. These trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Prospan for chesty and bronchial coughs.
If you wish to view copies of our clinicals please visit
For further detailed Prospan studies and hardcopies, please call us on 1300 790 978 (for medical professionals only).
Prospan combats the typical complaints of chesty and bronchial coughing such as excessive production of thick mucus and tickly throat. Prospan's active ingredient hedera helix works by:
  • relieving coughing
  • loosening mucus
  • easing the urge to cough
With Prospan, troublesome and painful coughing is calmed, but not blocked. This is important as it allows the patient to readily cough up mucus.
Prospan cough medicine a non-drowsy, sugar-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free formula which can be used by all the family. *Not tested in pregnancy.

I have a few night that can not sleep due to my daughter cough. She ask me to hug her whenever she cough. 

She is now recovering.

Now my son is drinking MORINAGA milk powder RM 41.50 - 900 ml

My daughter start to change to STEP 4 Friso GOLD - RM 63.50 - 1.3 kg, previously step 3 she is drinking Anmum. Friso Gold 900 g - RM 47.50