2015 Malaysia best credit card oh 2015 Malaysia best credit card

This guy really analytical and give good comparison among all the credit card in Malaysia.

If you want to apply a credit card, I think you should read this.

For me personally, I don't travel much, so the number 1 Maybank 2 Card Premier is out.

I do like Maybank 2 card with Amex. - Number 2

Currently I am using my wife Maybank 2 card with Amex, maybe I should apply for myself in future.

I have this card:


Auto Annual Fee Waiver: 2 STARS - FREE FOR LIFE for Alliance Privilege Banking customers.

Reward Points/Cash Back for Local Spending: NONE - the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite does earn the cardholder 2X Bonus Points. Based on what I mentioned on the methodology in awarding STARS, technically this 2X Bonus Point for every Ringgit spent locally should earn a STAR. However, Alliance Bank recently inflated the Bonus Point to redeem for stuff making it not competitive when comparing to, say, Maybank redemption program. Therefore, no STAR is awarded to Alliance Bank Visa Infinite for this category.

Reward Points/Cash Back for Overseas Spending: 2 STARS - 5X Bonus Points for every Ringgit spent overseas. The 5X Bonus Point for overseas transaction is still competitive when redeeming for stuff compared to other banks except for Maybank. And it is really good for Enrich Miles conversion which I will touch on below.

Reward Points/Cash Back for PETROL: NONE

Customer Service : NONE

FREE Airport Lounge Access: 2 STARS - UNLIMITED FREE entries to local and worldwide airport lounges with the Priority Pass Membership Card.

Enrich Miles Conversion: 1 STAR - Luckily for Alliance Bank Visa Infinite cardholders, the redemption for Enrich Miles was not inflated and remained at 6000 Bonus Points = 1000 Enrich Miles. And with 5X Bonus Points for every Ringgit spent overseas, this works out to be 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1.20 spent overseas.

Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance: 2 STARS 1 STAR for Travel Insurance and 1 STAR for Overseas Medical Insurance.

OTHERS: 1 STAR for Purchase Protection Plan


Source: http://generationsxyz.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-best-top-10-credit-cards-in.html