Water booster pump oh Water booster pump

Recently my house electrical item giving me some problem.

Freezer not so cold, can not buy ice cream.

Alpha Water heater pump spoil.

Wife wanted a good pressure water to take bath, so I have to survey for water booster pump.

1st choice:

Panasonic 125 W model A-130JACK

Maximum Capacity 30 liters/minute
Capacity at 12m @ 18 liters/minute
Power Suction 9 meters
Maximum Total Head 29 meters
Motor Power 125 watts
Switch On Pressure 1.1 kgf/cm2
Switch Off Pressure 1.8 kgf/cm2
Suction Pipe 1 inch (25mm)
Push Pipe 1 inch (25mm)
Size L330 x W255 x H340mm
Weight 8.8 kg
Warranty 1 years
PRICE RM399.00..(Panasonic ideas for life)..

Source: http://www.mypowertools.com.my/product-1151371.html

My friend house is using this and install on 2011 which cost him RM 600, so the installation cost should be RM 200.

Cheapest RM 360


2nd Choice

Hitachi 150W Automatic Constant Pressure Water Pump..
Model WM-P150GX2 (GX Series)
Model WM-P150GX2
Motor Power 150W
Power Voltage 240V 50Hz
Suction Lift 8mtr
Discharge Head 12mtr
Capacity 32L/min
Max. Capacity 41L/min
Pressure On 1.4kg/cm2
Pressure Off 1.8kg/cm2
Suction Pipe 25mm (1")
Discharge Pipe 25mm (1")
Tap used simultaneously 3-4 (Average)
Motor warranty 5 years
PRICE RM650.00..(Hitachi Inspire the Next)..

Source: http://www.mypowertools.com.my/product-1151414.html

Different between Constant Pressure vs Automatic:

A simple 'automatic 'pump' has only 2 modes ie OFF and ON. The switching between these modes is controlled by some device that monitors the system pressure. High pressure signal is OFF Low pressure signal is ON.Typically the system has some device (a pressure tank) to maintain some pressure in the system when there is no demand for water. This pressure is usually between the OFF and ON settings.At this 'in between pressure' the pump will be OFF

When there is a demand for water the system pressure falls until the low pressure value is reached . The pump goes to ON. When the demand has ended the system pressure will rise until it reaches the higher value .Then the pump goes to OFF

A constant pressure pump has a variable speed motor. The ON and OFF modes are still there to suit the extremes of Maximum demand and no demand. The major difference is that as demand for water can vary then the pumps seeks to achieve a constant working pressure with any and all demand for water -Maximum or Minimum . It does this by varying the speed of the motor -which in turn varies the pump output. So the pump can be sized to suit Maximum demand but can automatically reduce its output to suit Minimum demand.