SSPN Credit Card 6k Tax deduction oh SSPN Credit Card 6k Tax deduction

I do subscribe to SSPN e-promotion. Luckily I do, they send me an email stated that I can bank in SSPN account for my daughter by using credit card. For those who interested where they station, you may contact them, phone is at the bottom:

How I save 6k of interest??

Step 1: I am using public bank visa signature to pay for my 6k SSPN.

Step 2: I call public bank to convert my 6k SSPN to 0% installment of 12 month. Each month I pay RM 500 per month.

Step 3: I put my 6 k inside my home loan and save for interest.

Assuming I pay 5% interest to my house loan, I save about RM 300 per year by using this method.

Hoo La La.

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