Income Tax Relief 2015 oh Income Tax Relief 2015

Important DATES:
1) Employers (Form E) is 31 March 

2) Residents and non-residents with non-business income (Form BE and M) is 30 April 

3) Residents and non-residents with business income (Form B and M) is 30 June 
4) Partnerships (Form P) is 30 June 
These are the following reliefs available for Malaysian Residents:
Included in MTD systemRM
Self and Dependent9,000
Life insurance and EPF6,000
Husband/Wife/Alimony Payments3,000
Ordinary Child relief (per child)1,000
Total> 15,000
Not usually included in MTD / PCB system but relevant to most taxpayersRM
Net saving in SSPN’s scheme6,000
Education Fees (Individual)5,000
Updated: PRS Voluntary Contribution3,000
Purchase of personal computer (every 3 years)3,000
Insurance premium for education or medical benefit3,000
Special relief for tax payers earning an income of up to RM8,000 a month (RM96,000 anually). Only applicable for the 2013 year of assessment.2,000
Purchase of books, journals, magazines and publications1,000
Complete medical examination500
Purchase of sport equipment for sport activities300
Not included in MTD system but relevant to certain taxpayersRM
Disabled Individual6,000
Basic supporting equipment (for disabled self, spouse, child or parent)5,000
Medical expenses for serious diseases5,000
Disabled child5,000
Medical expenses for parents5,000
Child age 18 years old and above, not married and pursuing diplomas or above qualification in Malaysia @ bachelor degree or above outside Malaysia in program and in Higher Education Institute that is accredited by related Government authorities6,000
Disabled Wife / Husband3,500
Child age 18 years old and above, not married and receiving full-time tertiary education1,000
Premium on new annuity scheme or additional premium paid on existing annuity scheme commencing payment from 01/01/2010 (amount exceeding RM1,000 can be claimed together with life insurance premium)1,000
Total> 35,500


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