Condo renovation oh Condo renovation

My rented condo need to do renovation because tenant didn't take care of the condo.

I manage to get a few chinese contractor to quote:

500 sq ft, tiles 1"x1" + cement + gam + susu

1) Chinese contractor 1 - RM 6600 includes tiles

2) Chinese contractor 2 - RM 4000 exclude tiles, include tiles RM 6000

3) Chinese contractor 3 - RM 5500 - no tiles

4) Bangladesh contractor - tentatively is cheapest RM 3 k exclude tiles

WHY so expensive?????


I guess it is for the hacking the floor? If they use a lot of cement can be pricey too. Did about 2-3 years back, ~900 sq ft floor ~3.5k inclusive tiles. The contractor regret taking the job after hacking cos he needs to put a lot of cement (not sure if it's true or to get empathy but he didn't raise the charge).

if you stay in jb, may be can suggest someone........