PRS free GSC ticket oh PRS free GSC ticket

Every year I will wait for the promotion to start and then top up RM 3000 for PRS.

Which PRS I bought??? My breakdown:

Why I buy PRS?

1) Free GSC ticket ( grin)
2) Income Tax waiver 3k ( main reason) - assume 19% tax bracket
3) Investment return - average 15 % better than EPF leh

Total of 34 % annually return, mana dapat???? Opps, wrong calculation.

Must take into the TIME factor.

1) Hwang Convervative - invested 4 years ago    - 15.87/4 = 3.9675 % annually
2) Hwang Moderate - invested 3 years ago - 17.75/3 = 5.92 %
3) CIMB - invested 2 years ago - this is the best return - 16.47/2 = 8.24 %

So this year will top up CIMB.

Details on buying PRS through fundsupermart:

Everyone wants a comfortable life after retirement and PRS can be one of the ways to help achieve that goal.
Start accumulating your retirement savings and allow your money to work harder for you.
A pair of GSC Movie e-vouchers will be yours when you invest a minimum amount of RM3,000 in one PRS Fund in a single transaction via from 4 October 2016 till 30 November 2016.

Click fundsupermart.


As far as I know for 2015 tickets could only be redeemed if 3K from the same fund. Due to that I cancelled and buy from a single fund.

Thanks for your info. I also buy from the same fund.

Why I have 3 fund because I bought 3 years ago. Every year buy different fund.

1st year - Affin hwang conservative fund
2nd year - Affin hwang moderate fund
3rd year - CIMB