Boost is not allowing you to top up using credit card from 28th April onwards.
So in order to use one last time to top up SSPN.

Step 1: Use CITIBANK credit card to top up BOOST. (Max 4.999 k)

Why use CITIBANK, because got ewallet top up campaign RM 1k get RM 50.
After using Citibank CC, use Ambank CC BT for 12 month 0% (max 10k)

Step 2: Pay SSPN RM 999 (max) per transaction. Boost charge RM 1 per transaction.
On top of getting BOOST coin, I also get ganjaran kesetiaan. (1%) Deadline 30 April.

Anyone have better suggestion?
What I get:
Assume RM 4900 top up SSPN
RM 100 - from Citibank
RM 49 - from SSPN
RM 5 - expenses charge from Boost for top up 5x
RM 144 net profit (exclude boost coin and Citibank point)

Ambank CC BT term and conditions:

Citibank CC e wallet term and conditions: