CNY Song oh CNY Song

Malaysia have a lot of talented people, we have a few famous CNY song for rabbit year. Here are the famous one, which one you like??

1. 3P - '我的妈呀'【2023兔年 最温馨 新年歌】

2. 【ลูกพี่ลูกน้องไทย 泰國的表弟 Sawadee Thai Cousin 】《丹尼 常勇 舒森 常樂 培永》

3.Jestinna Kuan, Mskuan, Perry K '一起兔two兔' [Official MV]

4. Namewee黃明志 Ft. DJ Soda CNY Bunny Dance 兔女郎賀歲新年歌2023!【I Love You Tu 兔】

5. Too Good To See You

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