How to choose an air con in Malaysia?

Buying an air conditional is very head ache for me because I would like to buy product that is value for my money. So, no choice for me which I have to spend some time to do some comparison.

1) All air cond is 1HP.
2) Cooling capacity indicate how fast it cool, the higher the best.

If you want to how many horse power of air cond to use, click: AIR COND CALCULATOR

A) Hitachi - model RAS-S10CX

• Cooling capacity: 10,110 BTU/h
• Nano-Titanium Filter
• Stainless Filter
• UV Fresh
Price: RM 1169.00 (not sure whether include installation-
Price: RM 1199.00 (
Product details:

Disadvantage: After 2 years of usage,the pump will have noisy sound. Why? Previously use AC pump, now use DC pump, so problem should be solve.

B) Panasonic - model CS-C9HKH

Cooling Capacity : 9210 BTU/h
Improvement In Air Quality
Advanced e-ion Air Purifying System with New Patrol Sensor
Advanced Powerful
Super Quiet
Blue Fin Condenser
Random Auto Restart
EER [Btu/hW] = 11.0

Price: RM 1099.00 (not sure whether include installation-
Price: RM 1150.00 (Sg Long Electrical shop include installation)
Product details:
Disadvantage: Most of them manufacture in CHINA.
Latest model: C9JKH - RM 1180 Sg long electrical shop
You may compare both model here:

Cooling Capacity 9,000 BTU
New Low Wattage design reduce energy consumption as high as 15%
Anti bacterial air purifying filter
Filter cleaning LED light indicator
4 way auto air swing
24-Hour ON/OFF Timer
1-Hour Off Timer
LCD Wireless Remote Control
Auto Restart Function
Price: RM 1399.00 (not sure whether include installation-
Price: RM 1299.00 (Mahkota Cheras Electrical Shop include installation)
Product details:
EER = energy efficient ratio, the highest the better
EER = COP * 3.413 = 3.38 * 3.413 = 11.53

9JMV sell RM 999 without installation at mahkota now - promotion
EER = 3.22 * 3.413 = 10.97

Another website to check the price:

D) Daikin Inverter

Use normal gas, not R410A gas like panasonic
Normal piping also.
RM 1350 include installation


what are the things that you are looking for in an air conditioner? Number one in the list would be reducing energy. It is true that air conditions consume a lot of energy and electricity, thus our electricity bills easily shoot up. This may contribute to financial problems to families. Of course we always want an easy life, and one to contribute to that good mood is to have a cool air when at home, while during the cool weather, we want some warmth.

This is how I see it. Anyway, thanks for this commendable post.

Split System AC

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You completed a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all persons will go along with with your blog.

This is very helpful especially before calling your aircon servicing company . thanks for the tips

Good and very helpful information. Thanks

In a split system, the compressor condenses and circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor unit, changing it from a gas to a liquid. The liquid is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil or cooling compartment.