Low ceiling fan or baby fan comparison

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I am thinking of fixing a baby fan or call low ceiling fan.

Why I need to fix baby fan because the developer damn kanasai, room ceiling height only 8 ft nia.

I did some survey:

1) KDK BABY FAN model K11Z1-E5
RRP: RM 359
Height Fan: 25 cm ( the lowest the better)
At Cima Lighting, you can get RM 339 and installation (150, without hook, need to fix wire)
Contact: 9076 3044

link: http://www.kdk.com.my/product/?p=301
2) Panasonic Nami F-M14E8

RRP: RM 359
Height Fan: 30.6 cm ( the lowest the better)


3) Deka Baby G Series

RRP: RM 210 - 3 blade, cima promotion RM 179, 
5 Blade RM 288
Height Fan: 29.5 cm ( the lowest the better)




After consult the KDK technician, he say baby fan not suitable for plaster ceiling, only suitable for solid ceiling.

He advise me to use wall fan (360).

1) Panasonic Wall Fan - RRP 232


      • Transparent plastic blades
      • 360° oscillation circle
      • Easy adjustment angle - 15°, 30° and 50°



    2) KDK auto oscillation fan  RM 237

    RCP: RM 237.00 (EM)
    RCP: RM 225.00 (WM)

    I just changed my PCB for panasonic fan model MY143, just RM 100 cheap or not??