Dividend stock

Let's us compare the top 3 dividen yield:

1) Elec - skip dominated in USD
2) K-Green Trust

K-GREEN TRUST is a business trust with an investment focus on "green" infrastructure assets in Singapore, as well as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Trust aims to provide long-term, regular and predictable distributions to its Unitholders.

Analyst report:

Lim & Tan Securities

Based on projected distribution of 3.91 cents for 6 months and 2 days in 2010, and 7.82 cents for ye Dec ’11, the yield at $1.13 would be 6.82% (annualized) and 6.95% respectively. As a comparison, City Spring offers a trading yield of 7% at 60 cents (DPU of 4.2 cents). Note however two key differences between the two:
  • KGT is Singapore-centric whereas 50% of City Spring is accounted for by Basslink in Australia;
  • KGT is debt free vs City Spring’s high gearing, which has implications for KGT’s growth strategy going forward.

We believe KGT is attractive. KGT’s listing is expected at end June, and results from the distribution-in-specie by Keppel Corp on the basis of 1 KGT unit for every 5 Kep C shares, valued at 22.6 cents per Kep C share.

Kim Eng Securities

The listing price for Keppel Corp’s Keppel Green Trust (KGT) has been set at $1.13 per unit. Keppel projects a DPU of 3.91 cts for the remainder of FY10and 7.82 cts for FY11. This generates a yield of 6.82% in FY10 (annualised) and 6.95% in FY11. We see fair value of KGT at $1.53, with the implied yield of 5% derived from a highly stable cash flow.

3) First REIT
First REIT is Singapore's first healthcare real estate investment trust (REIT) that aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate and/or real estate-related assets in Asia that are primarily used for healthcare and/or healthcare-related purposes. 

First REIT aims to deliver regular and stable distributions and achieve long-term growth in the net asset value per Unit through growth in rental yields and acquisitions.

4) Macquaire international fund