Have you file your Income Tax???

Have you file your income tax???

I have filled it on 12th of April. It's only took me 2 minutes.

Last year I have 20 share dividend to claim back. But this year only 4 because of single tier system.

If you haven't, I think you should read this:


Part D is the most important part because this part determines your taxable amount

1) D2 – Medical treatment, special needs and carer expenses for parents.
2) D5 – Education Fees (self)
3) D7 – Complete medical examination for self, spouse or child.
4) D8 – Purchase of books/magazines/journals/similar publications
5) D9 – Purchase of personal computer for individual 
6) D11 – Purchase of sports equipment for any sports activity
7) D12 – An amount limited to a maximum of RM500 is deductible in respect of expenses expended by the individual for the payment of broadband subscription under the individual’s name
8) D13 – Interest on housing loan
9) D16 – If you have children, don’t forget to claim for tax relief
10) D17 – Life insurance and provident fund
11) D19 – Education and medical insurance - AIA PA is under medical.