WHAT can RM 9.90 do?

Ever wonder how to invest in KLSE by merely RM 500 and survive through a monthly income of few hundred in malaysia?

Not everyone can do it but this YY friend of mine successfully breakthrough this myth of extreme condition to survive in this market.

My opinion:

Very easy to understand with simple word.

Suitable for new investor or those who want to start your financial planning early.

Suitable for young adults.

Want to read her story?

Very simple:

This book in in Chinese only, if you don't know how to read Chinese and insist want to buy, I think Google translate can help you. This is 中文电子书.

Step 1: Email to her meyyok@gmail.com with title 《歪歪积少成多理财投资路》

Step 2: Wait for her reply with maybank account number

Step 3: Open ur email, ebook is yours


电子书定价RM 9.90