Cruel Cruel Cruel

How can a MOTHER do like this????

Woman abusing toddler riles up FB users PETALING JAYA: The brutal act of a woman beating a toddler that was caught on video has riled up Facebook users, about a year after the abuse took place. The woman, who appears to be in her 20s, is seen abusing the child in the four-minute video clip by slapping and beating the baby with a pillow numerous times. She can also be seen pinching the baby’s arms and legs and can be heard telling the baby, “diamlah bodoh (keep quiet, stupid)” as the baby continued crying. About two minutes into the video, the young woman kicks the baby several times, while the woman taking the video asks if she intended to kill the baby. The video titled Ibu Kejam was uploaded onto the Himpunan Cerita Lawak Facebook page at around 1pm yesterday and alleged that the abuse took place in Sepang. According to some blogs, this is the second time the video is being circulated. Hundreds of comments were immediately posted by Facebook users. Some Facebook users commented that the woman should be severely punished for her action. Meanwhile, a post uploaded on the Royal Malaysia Police official Facebook page stated that a police report on the abuse was lodged on May 29 last year. “The woman in the video is the toddler’s birth mother and was arrested on the day the police report was lodged,” the statement added. It also stated that the woman was subsequently charged in court and found guilty under Section 3(1) of The Child Act 2001. The woman is currently serving an 18-month jail term for the offence. Source : The Star