GE 13 prediction Dec 2012


You have 4 months to play in KLSE.

Election date and day from past elections and parliament duration:
malaysia election ge13
•     Only two parliament editions ran full 5-year mandate.On average, the Malaysian parliament ran for 52.96 months or 4 years, 4 months and 29 days. Applying the average duration, theoretically the 13th GE should be held on Monday, 6 August 2012. Revised to 4 or 5 August 2012 to exclude working days. However, we believe the date is unlikely given past three elections was held during school holidays. 
In addition, Budget 2013 is likely to be tabled in September and it falls during Ramadhan month. 
•     Other limiting factors. Besides school holidays and Ramadhan, there are several other limiting factors which need to be considered, namely date of school examinations and Haj season. Following the aforementioned logic, the next possible date will be in November and December 2012. We understand that the Sijil Pernilaian Malaysia (SPM) starts on 5 November 2012 to 6 December 2012. Hence, it is possible that the elections could be held in second or third week of December 2012.

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