Good year ducaro GA

After checking my tire, it is not goodyear duraplus but Good Year Ducaro GA.

Here are the spec:

Goodyear took their unique Bubble-Blade Design and created a new, expanded Bubble-Blade II System for Ducaro GA. This new system improves handling on wet roads by as much as 10%. A driver's ability to corner on wet curves and brake quickly is greatly enhanced, too. Another benefit of the Bubble-Blade II System is maximum driving comfort and greatly reduced road noise. As much as 6% in some cases


Goodyear's Bubble-Blade II System
Significantly increases traction while decreasing road noise

Modified tyre cavity 
Increases tyre-to-road contact for surer handling and comfort

Unique decoupling groove 
Balances footprint pressure for even wear, better mileage and less noise

Double sequencing tread 
Operates at individual rates to ensure a quiet performance

Transversal shoulder blades
Improve traction