Silver investment pass book in Malaysia

Finally a product I have been looking forward. Maybank started this silver investment passbook, will other bank follow????

If based on the comparison of gold investment, lowest spread is UOB. ( selling - buying, the lowest the better)

Will UOB bank offer silver investment passbook??? Let's wait and see.

UOB bank

Gold Savings Account
1 GM

UOB Spread only : RM 2.00


Maybank Gold Investment Account
Last update : 09-Jul-12 at 08:57:00 AM

Maybank Spread: RM 7.10

Maybank Silver Counter Rates
Maybank Silver Investment Account
Last update : 09-Jul-12 at 10:19:55 AM

More on spread: Invest silver malaysia

Let's look into details:

Maybank Silver Investment Account Invest with Maybank Silver Investment Account. The first ever offered. Discover the potential of silver and diversify your investment portfolio.


  • A great way to increase the degree of portfolio diversification
  • A better security against inflating economies
  • It is convenient to manage your investment. You can easily buy or sell silver in your account , with your passbook at any Maybank branch in Malaysia
  • Start right away with an affordable initial purchase
Minimum Initial Purchase20 gram
Minimum Subsequent Purchase/Sale10 gram in multiples of 1 gram
Minimum Balance in the Account5 gram
Silver Purchase Price- Silver purchase will be based on the Bank's prevailing silver SELLING price quoted in RM per gram

- The mode of payment accepted for purchase of gold are:

• Cash

• Debiting of current/savings account maintained with the Bank

• House cheque
Silver Sale/WithdrawalSilver sale will be based on the Bank's prevailing silver BUYING price quoted in RM per gram

Withdrawal options available are:

• Cash

• Crediting of current/savings account maintained with the Bank
Mode of OperationPassbook
InterestNo interest payout
Stamp Duty Fee on AgreementRM10
Replacement of Lost / Spoilt PassbookRM15 (inclusive of Stamp Duty for Letter of Indemnity)

Who can apply

  • Individuals aged 18 years and above
  • Joint account - maximum 4 persons
Disclaimer: The returns on Maybank Silver Investment Account are subject to the silver price fluctuations. Customers are advised to read and understand the product before making any investment. Maybank Silver Investment Account is not insured by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM).
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Invest from 9 July until 8 October 2012 to win more silver!
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