WCT oh WCT - 1 billion contract

CONGRATULATIONS - but your stock price really not represent the contract that you win. 

It's time for you to AWAKE.

WCT Berhad (“WCT” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has in joint-venture with Oman Roads Engineering Company LLC (the “Joint Venture”) (on an 80:20 unincorporated joint venture basis), on 15 August 2012 received a letter from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Tender Department at Muscat, of the Sultanate of Oman (“the Employer”) notifying us of the acceptance of our Tender for the Construction and Completion of Batinah Expressway – Package 2, in the Sultanate of Oman (the “Project”) subject to the conditions as set out therein and upon such further terms and conditions as shall be stipulated in the contract documents to be entered into between the Joint Venture and the Employer for the Project (the “Contract”). The Joint Venture is required to coordinate with the Employer to complete the remainder of the procedures. The Contract sum in Omani Riyals is RO123,223,173.422 (Omani Riyals One Hundred Twenty Three Million Two Hundred Twenty Three Thousand One Hundred Seventy Three and Four Hundred Twenty Two Baiza) (approximately equivalent to RM1,004,256,000.00 - Ringgit Malaysia One Billion Four Million Two Hundred Fifty Six Thousand).