Hui Yi - RIP

I just went to IJN on Monday, but Tuesday she passed away. Just treasure your love one.

Her fighting spirit will remained in your heart forever.

News extracted from the star:

Miracle heart transplant girl Tee Hui Yi, who survived two transplant surgeries, passed away Tuesday at the Batu Pahat hospital. She was 19.

Tee was rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pains around 10am, but doctors pronounced her dead half an hour after arrival.

Tee's father, Ah Soon, 57, said doctors did not inform the family on her actual cause of death.

"She was fine but complained of body aches last night.

"She vomited several times (in the morning) before her body went weak and she stopped moving," said Ah Soo, adding that he tried to resuscitate Tee but to no avail.

Tee stopped schooling after Year Four when her health deteriorated. She was supported by a mechanical heart while waiting for a heart transplant.

She underwent her first heart transplant at the National Heart Institute (IJN) in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 4, 2007, but her body rejected the organ.

Hui Yi then underwent a successful operation the next day. She was discharged from IJN on Dec 22 after spending 15 months in the hospital.

Tee's body is currently placed at a Chinese funeral parlor along Jalan Fatimah here for prayers and the funeral will take place on Thursday.

- The Star