IGB REIT oversubscribed

Walau wei over subscribed 21.75 times. Am I the lucky one???

IGB Reit IPO oversubscribed

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Issuing House Sdn Bhd announce that the initial public offering (IPO) of IGB Reit under which 34 million offer units were made available for application by the Malaysian public has been oversubscribed. The offering of IGB Reit involves the issuance of 670 million new units, it said in a statement. 

A total of 32,781 applications for 773.57 million offer units were received from the Malaysian Public for a total of 34 million offer units reserved for public subscription, representing an oversubscription rate of 21.75 times. 

A total of 387 applications for 44.08 million units were received from application by the eligible directors and employees of the eligible subsidaries of the sponsor under the Reserved Units, which represents a subscription rate of 94 per cent. 

A total of 2,339 applicants for 98.40 million offer units were received under the eligible shareholders of sponsor category which represents a subscription rate of 82 per cent. The Joint Bookrunners for the offering have confirmed that the institutional offering of 469 million offer units has also been oversubscribed. Following the completion of the bookbuilding exercise under the institutional offering, the institutional price was fixed at RM1.25 per unit. 

Accordingly, the final retail price for the retail offering was fixed at RM1.25 per offer unit. 

All notices of allotment for the offer units under the retail offering will be mailed to successful applicants before Sept 20, 2012. -- BERNAMA