Limpeh sipeh geram....

Limpeh sell you at 2.30, you today go up at 2.36

But hor why nobody see the VALUE in WCT-WB. I will convert again tomorrow.

0.36 + 1.85 (Conversion price) = 2.21

Today closing price at noon = 2.35 - 2.21 = 0.14 ( where can you get in 9 days)

Hurry hurry go and convert now....

provided 9 days later WCT still maintain the same price.

If worst come to worst, it drop, then KEEP loh.

Catalyst of WCT:

1) a further improvement in property sales (unrecognised sales of RM563m, RM700m sales target sales for FY12), 
2) a pick-up in construction earnings due to recognition of a Qatar government job, and 
3) revaluation gains from Paradigm Mall which could flow through in 4Q12.