Proton - enjoy up to 5k rebate

Ularrrr la la

Personally i will not buy car now. I will wait after election.

Proton – Chinese New Year Promotion, enjoy savings of up to RM5,000 (ends 28th February 2013)

Drawbacks: most 2012 models are out of stock and can be hard to find

Promotion Period: ends 28th February 2013
Promotion Details: 2012 Models:
Car ModelOTR PriceRebate
2013 Models: 
Car ModelOTR PriceRebate
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Proton are offering some rebates off their car models, however their website yields no information as to what you’ll actually be getting. As such, we took to the task of calling some dealers and here’s what we managed to find:
The RM5,000 rebate is applicable to 2012 Models of the Proton Preve and Proton Inspira only. However, 2012 models can be hard to find as most have already been sold out and are out of stock. The 2013 models for the Preve and Inspira do not enjoy any rebates, however the Proton Persona enjoys a rebate of RM600 and the Proton Saga FLX enjoys a rebate of RM500.
A bit of warning though, different dealers may have different rates, terms and conditions, we have called a few and the terms are generally mostly similar (but with the fragmentation of the car market, you never know).