Sunday, May 5, 2013

PRU 13 results oh PRU 13 results

Unofficially BN won form government 120++ seats

12.54pm: BN retains simple majority to form government.

222 seats total, 112 to win, 148 for two-thirds

Johor (56)38180
Kedah (36)21150
Kelantan (45)12330
Melaka (28)2170
N. Sembilan (36)22140
Pahang (42)30120
Penang (40)10300
Perak (59)30290
Perlis (15)1320
Sabah (60)48120
Selangor (56)18380
Terengganu (32)17150
* Number in brackets denotes total number of seats.
Bandar Tun RazakPKR wins by over 10k votes
Gelang PatahDAP won by 16,868 votes
KeningauPairin wins battle of brothers again
KluangDAP won by over 7k votes
Kota RajaPAS leading 13,000 votes
Lembah PantaiPKR won by 1,860
LumutPKR wins by almost 5k votes
Pasir MasPAS won by 8,047 votes
PekanBN wins
PulaiBN won
PutrajayaBN won, 5,438 majority
SaratokBN won 2,081
SegamatBN leading by 1,430
SerembanDAP leading
Shah AlamPAS won by 10,000 votes
SibuDAP won 2,759 votes



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Yusmadi Rosen said...

Where is sarawak state results?

Salim Saw said...

Sarawak state result came out in 2011.There is no state election in GE 13


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