CIMB cash rebate Platinum Mastercard oh CIMB cash rebate Platinum Mastercard

This is another kanasai cash rebate credit card. WHY CIMB can not refer to the market leader and come out a better cash rebate credit card.

They can compare with OCBC titanium credit card.

Earn 5% rebate when you shop at any grocery store, dine at any restaurant, refuel at any petrol station and pay any of your utility bills, anywhere in the world.

For everything else that you swipe for, you will get 1% cash rebate.

You are entitled to earn up to RM600 in 12 months or up to RM50 a month when you shop with your OCBC Titanium MasterCard.

IF I am CIMB, I will come out a card that offer
6% rebate at any grocery store, refuel, utility.
2% on other.

Capped at RM 60 a month. RM 720 in 12 months.

Credit Cards
CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard
  • 5% Cash Rebate on e-Commerce spend
  • 10% unlimited Cash Rebate on retail interest charged
  • 2% Cash Rebate on Groceries and Petrol
  • 2% Cash Rebate on Mobile & Utility Bill Payments (via Standing Instruction)
  • 0.2% unlimited Cash Rebate on other retail spend