Malaysia Insurance Analysis oh Malaysia Insurance Analysis

Ever wonder how much insurance you need or your dependant need when you are not around? 

I now have 2 children and 1 wife, so I zoom to 30 years later when I am lying on the coffin, whether I provide enough for my family.

However you need someone that can be FAIR and INDEPENDENT which evaluate your situation and suggest the best product that value your money. 

A lot of insurance agent merely want to find a living and seldom tell you the full story.

This is where independent financial consultant MR Lieu Ching FOO come in who blog at

From the communication and evaluation that he have done on my scenario, He show me that I can buy a MEDICAL CARD with deductible and can convert after I am retire at 55 years old. The product help me save a minimum RM 100 per year.

He help me to do insurance portfolio analysis and let me see how much I should cover. He did some comparison on Term Life Insurance vs Investment Link Policy to close my gap on how much I should cover. ILP should link with  medical card as a rider in order to cover the expensive charge of medical card by leverage on unit.


1) INDEPENDENT - not attached to any insurance agency
2) BEST PRODUCT - due to his independent, he can quote the best value for money, Maximum protection with lower premium
3) NOT MERELY SELLING - he not pushing on selling product because his main purpose his educate
4) DETAILS ANALYSIS - you may ask until you understand even is just a simple questions 
5) ECHO UR STRUGGLE - he can see your struggle because he is married and planning to have kids.

If you need his services, you may contact him at LCF.


That's the great thing about independent financial adviser.

KC, never thought you'd drop by here, thanks for the comment

The purpose of this type of insurance is to provide for the costs of higher education of a child. At maturity, the policy money may be paid in one lump sum or installments. It is also payable upon the death of the insured (the parent) during the term of the policy.

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