Kids Haven oh Kids Haven

Wah, how come I stay not near PJ, any good child care centre nearby BANDAR MAHKOTA CHERAS???

Most mummies-to-be like me who are playing dual roles of having a baby and holding a full time job would have a headache and a growing concern on where to place your babies when you are at work. The best bet would be to place in the care of a babysitter during the weekdays.

Dropped by the center with my parents and we loved it. We feel secure and convinced that my baby would be safe here. Here are the items that is skewing me towards choosing KidzHaven : 

- Safe and conducive environment. 
- Trained caretakers, in fact all are local Chinese aunties.
- Joanne will be there most of the time to monitor.
- Hygienic and clean.
- Bath time is twice a day. 
- A ratio of 1caretaker to 3 babies. Max 6 babies at one time. 
- For toddlers, a ratio of 1:5 kids. 
- Total maximum capacity is 25 children (including 6 babies).
- 3 meals provided once babies goes semi-solid.
- Stimulating activities / play time, i.e. flashcards etc.
- Joanne is a Christian. 

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