A good buy or goodbye?

Looking at their closing price today, where SONA close at RM0.39. We can say that buying SONA now is equals to using RM0.39 to buy a share that has RM0.45 cash in it. 

Is this value investment? 

Is it worth?

On the other hand, if the SPAC fails to acquire any asset within 3 years which is 30 July 2016 that means they are going to repay you all the money inculde the interest that the money earn for 3 years. 

Imagine that the interest rate that being earn by that amount of money is just 2% per annum.
 From 30 July 2013 til 30 July 2014, your money become RM0.459 (RM0.45*1.02).
 From 30 July 2014 til 30 July2015, your money become RM0.46818 (RM0.459*1.02).
 From 30 July 2015 til 30 July 2016, your money become RM0.47754 (RM0.46818*1.02).

The gain that you make from this investment will be
 RM0.47754 - RM0.39 = RM0.08754 or 0.08754/0.39 = 22.45%. 22.45% in 3 years, which will be averagely 7% a year. Good investment?