Star Reit oh Star Reit

Thank you star reit for the dividend.

It will change name to YTL hospitality REIT, hope it wil not bring me to hospital ha haha.

Payment Advice    
For the attention of:    
Dear Sir/Madam,    
Please be advised that the following payment will be made to you on behalf of STARHILL REAL ESTATE  INVESTMENT TRUST    
Transaction Reference: 501347670100xxxx    
Payer/Remitter's Reference No: 05499xxxx    
Beneficiary Details: ck5354  
Payment method: Giro     
Payment Amount: 348.52     
Currency: MYR    
Value Date: 30-Aug-2013    
Payment Details:      


Hi, may I know what bank account u are using? Which advice u when the money come in

I use Maybank. You can request from your broker to bank in all the dividend.

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