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If you like L&G, I think it is a wise choice to swap from mother to LA for a cheaper entry.

Assuming RM 0.205 +0.13 = 0.335 vs mother now 0.355

3174LA    L&G-LA    LAND & GENERAL BHD-ICULS 13/18
Profile for Loan Stocks
Instrument Type : Loan Stocks

Description : Five (5)-year, 1%, irredeemable convertible unsecured loan stocks

(ICULS) issued pursuant to the Rights Issue of ICULS

Listing Date : 30/09/2013

Issue Date : 25/09/2013

Issue/ Ask Price : MYR 0.1300

Issue Size in Currency : MYR 77779588.9000

Maturity Date : 24/09/2018

Revised Maturity Date :

Exercise/Conversion Period : 5.00 Year(s)

Revised Exercise/Conversion Period :

Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price : MYR 0.2600

Revised Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price :

Exercise/ Conversion Ratio : Please refer to remarks

Revised Exercise/ Conversion Ratio :

Mode of Satisfaction of Exercise/Conversion Price : Please refer to remarks

Settlement Type/ Convertible into : Physical (Shares)

Remarks : Based on the conversion price of RM0.26 (Conversion Price), the ICULS

may be converted into new L&G Shares in the following manner:

(i) by surrendering RM0.26 nominal value of ICULS for one (1) new L&G Share; or

(ii) by surrendering RM0.13 nominal value of ICULS together with cash such that

in aggregate it amounts to RM0.26 for one (1) new L&G Share.

Each registered holder of the ICULS shall have the right on any market day from

and including the date of the issue of the ICULS up to and including the

Maturity Date (Conversion Period) to convert such amount of ICULS held into

fully paid-up new L&G Shares at the Conversion Price.

Any remaining ICULS not converted at the end of the Conversion Period shall be

mandatorily converted into new L&G Shares at the Conversion Price on the

Maturity Date.

Any fractional new L&G Share arising from the mandatory conversion of the ICULS

on the Maturity Date shall be disregarded and be dealt with by the Board of

Directors of L&G as it may deem fit and expedient in the best interest of L&G.

The ICULS will not be redeemable for cash.

This announcement is dated 26 September 2013.

26/09/2013   06:36 PM