Proton Iswara Rear Absorber oh Proton Iswara Rear Absorber

My proton iswara car absorber leaking oil.

The mechanics say no more function, and must change,

Quote me APM - gas RM 110 - inclusive of labour - warranty 3 months

From the internet, it show KAYABA oil one more comfortable, 
another SHOP quote me KAYABA RM 120 for 1, APM (gas) - RM 130, need to change 2.

Walau wei, this shop only sell RM 38

Comparison on Oil & Gas Type Shock Absorbers

Oil TypeGas Type
Meter air chamberNon Sensitive to temperature
Use for normal drivingFor sport driving style
Insist in comfortIrregular road condition
Town use & Short distance drivingLong distance driving
OilOil + Gas

This one only RM 80

Now I know the price, I can bargain.

OIL - cheaper - more comfortable

GAS - more expensive - last longer

New Monroe Sensatrac Absorber
For Proton Saga/Iswara
Front 1 Pc = RM169 Nett  【Original Price Rm187.50】
Rear 1 Pc = RM 71 Nett    【Original Price RM 100】

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