Midori Bed Frame oh Midori Bed Frame

Recently my King Size bed frame leg crooked, no choice I have to buy a new one. My old one is wooden and come with 1 bed room set - bed frame, mattress, 2 side table, 1 make up table and 1 wardrobe.

I already changed my wardrobe.

All together RM 4k.

Why my bed frame crooked?
It is supported by 4 legs only and my wife always move here and there.

I have surveyed a few furniture shop.

1) Mahkota furniture shop - midori headboard + divan -RM 700, - 1 piece divan, RM 850 - 2 pieces divan ( if 2 pieces, hv 8 legs)
2) Hussein Onn furniture shop - midori RM 950 same price for 1 piece or 2 pieces
3) Semenyih furniture shop - RM 600 - 1 piece, RM 750

Definately will buy from semenyih.

A survey from lowyat:
TT88 RM 500 year 2011

more: http://bedandmattress.com.my/index.php?cPath=3_46