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Review of Performance 

(a) Comparison of Results with Previous Corresponding Period 

For the quarter under review, the Group’s revenue was down by 10.5% to RM245.5 million 
as compared with RM274.3 million recorded in the previous corresponding quarter. Pre-tax 
profit was up by 43.3% to RM26.0 million from RM18.1 million reported in the same period 
last year. 

Lower revenue was mainly due to:- 
• 29% and 15% fall in logs and plywood sales volume respectively; and 
• 22% and 27% reduction in fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and crude palm oil (CPO) average 
selling prices respectively. 

Whereas higher pre-tax profit was contributed by 17% and 12% increase in logs and 
plywood average selling prices respectively. 

(b) Comparison of Year-to-date with Previous Year-to-date 

Comparison of cumulative results is not presented as this is the first quarter for the financial 
year ending 30 June 2014. 

15 Comparison of Profit Before Tax with Immediate Preceding Quarter 

The Group’s pre-tax profit for the current quarter increased significantly to RM26.0 million as 
compared with RM8.3 million reported in the preceding quarter. The improvement was contributed 
by lower FFB production cost as a result of 42% increase in production volume during the quarter 
under review. 
16 Commentary on Prospects 

For the timber segment, the average selling prices and demand for timber products are expected to 
sustain in view of the general improvement in the global economic outlook for 2014 coupled with 
the anticipated increase in demand for wood products from Japan in preparation for its hosting of 
2020 Olympic . 

The Malaysian government’s effort to increase the biodiesel blend from “B5” to “B7” and the 
ambition of the Indonesian government to increase usage of CPO in the biodiesel will provide 
stability to the CPO prices and positive outlook for the oil palm segment. 

The Board will continue to take prudent measures to improve operational efficiency and production 
yield to ensure that the performance for the current financial year would be satisfactory.