Property Outlook Conference 2014 oh Property Outlook Conference 2014

Ever wonder after so many step taken by government to curb Malaysian property (no DIBS, increase RPGTax, shorter loan period etc ), Is it still advisable to invest in property?

Will property price drop 30% in 2015?

Is it over supply?

Do you have the answer or seeking an answer?

I would like to suggest to you to attend this conference to get more information about our property outlook next year.

What you can get from this conference?
  • Overview of Malaysia economy & property market
  • Sub-sale market performance & Outlook
  • Commercial market performance & Outlook
  • Southern Property Market Outlook
  • Northern Property Market Outlook
  • Central Property Market Outlook
  • The impact of attracting foreign investors towards Malaysian property market
  • Budget 2014 strikes! What are the BIG impacts on property market?
  • How to become a Millionaire Landlord?
  • Changing trends in the retail market
  • REITs investment opportunity

11- 12 January 2014