Proton Iswara Timing Belt oh Proton Iswara Timing Belt

It's is time for my CAR to change timing belt after 75000 km, prevention is better.

I choose SAIKO timing belt component kits, 100,000 km, warranty.

~Comes with complete oil seal(s) and bearing
~BEARING and Seals 100% Original
~With Warranty Card

RM 230 inclusive of labour

I have to change:

a) Alternator belts,  20++

b) power steerling belts  20++

c) air-cond  belt  20 ++

d) Water pump  100 ++

e) Coolants RM 15 about 5 bottles

f) All the rubber connect to the radiator RM 100++

Next time I can come to this shop and buy:

reference price:

Proton Iswara
Iswara Bosch Head Lamp - rm165/side
Iswara OEM Head Lamp - rm65/side
Iswara Bosch Signal lamp - update soon
Iswara OEM Signal lamp - rm12
Iswara Original Taillamp Sedan - rm200/side
Iswara OEM Side Mirror ( MNL )- rm25/side
Iswara Original Top Set - rm215/set
Iswara OEM top set - rm 75
Iswara Bosch Alternator - rm185
Iswara Bosch Ignition Coil - rm55
Iswara Gates Timing Kit set 100,000km - rm85
Iswara Original water pump - rm53
Iswara GMB Japan Water pump - rm53
Iswara engine mounting front - rm36, rear - rm48, right - rm188[japan], left - rm238[japan]
Iswara Pro-Rallye Plug Cable 10mm - rm190/set
Iswara Bosch Sports Plug Cable 8mm - rm35/set
Iswara Original Proton clutch cable - rm30
Iswara Original Proton speedo cable - rm38
Iswara Exedy clutch Kit rm155/set
Iswara APM Spring front rm33/each, rear rm30/each
Iswara Kayaba absorbers front Oil - rm72/side 
Iswara Kayaba absorbers rear Gas - rm45/side, Oil - 38/side
Iswara rear brake pump - rm35
Iswara OEM lower arm - rm50/side
Iswara Bosch front brake rotor - rm55/side
Iswara Mintye Front Brake pad - rm25/pair
Iswara Bosch Front Brake pad - rm30/pair
Iswara FBK brake shoe - rm27
Iswara Bosch W8DC spark plugs - rm15/set
Iswara Bosch Super4 spark plugs - rm43/set
Iswara Bosch wiper blades - rm22/pair
Iswara local ATF filter-rm13
Iswara Original Proton ATF SP-III rm19/Liter
Iswara Bosch oil filter - rm8
Iswara Original Oil filter - rm8
Iswara OSAKA Oil filter - rm5
Iswara Bosch Air filter - rm9
Iswara OSAKA Air filter - rm6
Iswara Fuel filter local - rm5
Bardahl 5w-40fully synthetic engine oil - rm72
Bardahl 10w-40, semi-synthetic - rm60
Bardahl 20w-50 engine oil - rm34
Castrol 80w/90 gear oil - rm33
Osram H4 bulbs - rm10/pcs



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