Xiao Pan oh Xiao Pan

I forgot my WIFI password. Therefore, I need to use this software to help me regain my password.

Xiaopan OS is an application that allows you to access into wireless connections. It is a program for both experts and beginners. It incorporates advanced tools for accessing WPA2/ WPA/ WEP/ WPS wireless networks. It can run from a USB, inside your virtual machine or as a CD. It includes XFE desktop environment and a lightweight graphical interface.
There are supported several wireless card controllers such as Broadcom and Atheros, the most used chipsets. To recover your WiFi passwords, this program uses Reaver-wps, which comes in most of the routers for an easy set up. The routers include a personal identification that it is tied to each router. You will be able to follow the process taking a look at your screen. The time it takes to find out your password depends on the complexity of the encryption. You will surely have successful results if your network card supports distance and injection to your WiFi access point. The vulnerability of the routers can change.