3 steps of saving money oh 3 steps of saving money

Step #1: Write down every monthly bill you have including the amount. For loans, you should include the interest rate you are paying.
Here is a list of common monthly bills:
  • Rent or Mortgage 
  • Credit Card debt
  • Car loans 
  • School loans
  • All other debt
  • Utilities (electric, gas, water, trash service)
  • Internet, cable, home phone, and cell phone
  • Netflix and other subscription based services
  • Insurance (car, life, health, homeowners)
To make sure you haven’t missed anything, check your credit card and bank statements.
Step #2: Once you have a complete list, ask the following three questions for every item on the list:
  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Do I need exactly what I have?
  3. Can I get what I need for less?
In the podcast I cover a lot of examples of ways to save money on monthly bills. You’ll also find a lot of ideas in the resources listed below.
Step #3: Execute. Once you have your list and know how you can save money, it’s time to make the changes. This often involves a lot of phone calls.


Hi, apart from spending wisely, i would do my best to ensure i would earn more to save for investment.

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klsekaki - how to earn more? change job, do part time ... etc

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