30 ways to cope for higher LIVING in Malaysia oh 30 ways to cope for higher LIVING in Malaysia

This is published in the star. Red colour is my comment:

1. Drink water.Stop ordering expensive drinks.
I don't even order drinks.
2. Batch your errands. Always have a shopping list.
I go herb store and buy, normally is cheaper.

3. Stay home more. Spend time with your family.
I seldom go out, if go out also go to Aeon Mahkota cheras which is about 5 minutes from my house.
4. Cancel subscriptions. You may not even miss them.
I don't have Astro, I only have streamyx subscription of RM 65 per month.
5. Do it yourself. Learn to be a handy man or woman.
I change my light bulb myself and now learning how to change pipe leakage.
6. Stop paying interest. Pay in cash or don’t buy if you can’t afford it.
I didn't buy new year clothes for many years already.
7. Travel on a budget. Budget travels can be fun.
I didn't travel, If travel i will coincide with company trip.
8. Use cellphone sparingly. Optimise on free messaging services.
My phone bill basic is RM 2 if I don't use. Average per month is RM 20.
9. Cut or colour your own hair. Ask a friend to help you.
I proud of my black colour hair.
10. Maintain your things. Pay for fewer repairs.
This one difficult due to KIDS.
11. Save energy. Do a good deed for the environment.
I use Energy saving light now. Might consider LED for long term.
12. Buy bargain clothing. Dress down.
I seldom buy clothes. If buy go online, cheaper.
13. Plan ahead. Buy in bulk.
I buy 6 can condensed milk to save money.
14. Cook ahead. Freeze the extras.
I cook rice more and keep in the freeze to fry next day.
15. Don't wash clothes so often. Re-wear them at least twice.
I watch 1 times per day cos baby cloth full of milk smell. This one fails.
16. Save on groceries. Shop on discount days and discount vouchers.
I shop on discount or Aeon member sale.
17. Frugal festivals. Keep them simple.
I live frugaly.
18. Look for used items first. They can be as good as new.
I like 2nd hand item. My camera is second hand. My phone also second hand.
19. Eat out less except on weekends.
I normally cook on weekends. Buy a chicken about RM 10, cook soup (RM 10) which last for two days.
20. Bag lunch to work. It’s healthier.
I pack mix rice lunch to work average RM 5 per day.
21. Don’t window shop. Don’t get tempted.
I seldom go shopping.
22. Use the library. Read online.
I read ebook.
23. Find free entertainment on the Internet.
I watch movie online. Just watched ESCAPE PLAN by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
24. Find frugal exercise like walking.
I everyday walk by parking far away from my office.
25. Stay healthy and keep medical bills low.
I visit company medical doctor.
26. Carpool, walk or cycle if you can.
This one can not because need to send my son to nanny and my daughter to kindy.
27. Look for discounts. Don’t be shy to ask.
I always ask for discount.
28. Sell your clutter. Get organised too.
I am very disorganized, This one fails.
29. Reduce smoking. Protect your lungs.
I don't smoke.
30. Stop clubbing. Care for your liver and eardrums too.
I don't clubbing.



Actually there is no point to change to energy saving lights. They are not the biggest consumption of electricity anyway and doesn't last as long as the old fluorescent tube type of lights, due to inbuilt components which doesn't last as long when you switch on/off frequently. The biggest consumers of electricity in the home are usually the air-conditioner, water heater, oven, iron. So I would suggest you change to inverter type for those appliances instead.