8 financial checkpoint oh 8 financial checkpoint

Here are the 8 by Yap Ming Hui:

1) Determine the ROI to achieve your financial freedom.

I set 7 % which can achieve through investing in SUNREIT, YTLREIT, CMMT, or BJTOTO.

2) Set an optimal saving targets.

I save about 35% of my salary.

3) Plan and provide for your cash flow need before investing.

I have standby a 6 months emergency fund.

4) Diversify and allocate your money.

I have diversify in 3 different asset class - 1) Property, 2) Unit Trust and 3) Equities

5) Cut under performers.

This one hard to do it, still learning.

6) Get an second opinion on any potential investment decision.

You may get opinion from this guy: http://www.howtofinancemoney.com/

7) Review your insurance coverage and the premium that you are paying.

You may get HELP from this guy: http://www.howtofinancemoney.com/

8) Develop a tailor-made holistic financial plan to identify the OPTIMAL level of financing for your needs.

You may get a TAILOR-MADE financial plan from this guy: http://www.howtofinancemoney.com/