Lenovo A706 oh Lenovo A706

Recently I bought a smart phone to replace my stupid phone from CHINA.

Lenovo handphone have two version of ROM, a) only use in china b) rest of the world which have google play store.

It cost me RM 420 with 16 GB San Disk Internal Storage. It is a QUAD CORE PHONE WITH 1 GB RAM.

Initially I feel regretted because it do not have GOOGLE PLAY STORE and only have LENOVO PLAY STORE. My main purpose is to check share market especially my Malacca Securities portfolio.

However, after a few exploration, I found a solution. He he he.

First solution, format or call flash the rom with International version ( high risk).

Second solution, download apk file remotely and install manually (low risk) - I have done it.

Step 1: Go to http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ and paste the google play store app url inside to download the *. APK file ( apk file is a file like exe in desktop computer).

If you need the apk file of malacca securities, I can email you, just email me your request.

Step 2: Transfer the apk file that you have downloaded from you PC to your handphone by using USB storage card.

Step 3: Install the apk file.

You will get what you WANT.

You may repeat this process many times for DIFFERENT APPs which only AVAILABLE in google play store.

Malaysia Retail PRICE is RM 619, lelong is selling at RM 535