6 pillars of Strong Finance Foundation oh 6 pillars of Strong Finance Foundation

Pillar One: You Spend Less Than You Earn

Done, I always spend less than I earn, I try my best to save 30% or more of my salary.

Pillar Two: You Question Every Single Dollar That You Spend

Done, I always question how I spend.

Pillar Three: If You Have Debt, Your Singular Focus Is On Eliminating It

Done, I do not have bad debt, I only serve house loan debt and margin account debt. Credit card debt each month pay on time and get back some cash (about RM20) each month. No car loan debt. I drive a 2nd hand proton Iswara. I never drive a New Car before. This is my third car. All my car is less than 20k. 1st car Nissan cost 13k, 2nd car proton iswara cost 15k. 3rd car RM 18k.

Pillar Four: If You Don’t Have Debt, You Should Be Investing for the Future

Done. I invest my money in share market and finally secure an apartment in venice hill cheras for rental income. Not yet get tenant. Just manage to get the key in July. Hopefully can rent out within this year.

Pillar Five: You Are Securing Your Retirement (Whenever It May Be)

On the way. Still long way to go.

Pillar Six: You Have Life Goals and Spend Your Days Striving to Achieve Them

What is my life goal?? Still thinking about this.
Finished my phd before 45 years old. Currently I am 39 years old.
Achieve 5 figure income before I retired at 60 years old?

Inspired by: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/the-six-pillars-of-a-strong-personal-finance-foundation/