Yoshitake Akihiro Sex Scandal oh Yoshitake Akihiro Sex Scandal


Yoshitake Akihiro, 27-year-old, formally best known as the youngest city councilor in Japan. He was also known as a handsome playboy but he had this bad habit of recording sex videos with all the girls he made love with and then uploading these intimate videos to adult websites without their permission. This give let us a flashback to the sex scandal of Justin Lee of Taiwan from a few years ago. Both these men had sex with many girls and recorded their sexual activities with or without the permission of the ladies and then shared it with the world. October last year, Yoshitake was elected for the first time as Councillor of Katsuragi City in the City Council elections, in which he stood as an independent candidate. He also runs a cram school in the city.

Now many parents in Katsuragi City are worried their university bound daughters were recorded by the scandalous horny city councilor. And how this scandal might hurt their entrance into top universities if involved. This scandalous incident was exposed when Yoshitake upload the sex videos to the one of the more famous adult sites so that he could make some money. He is now in jail since he was arrest by police and has resign from the city council. He delete all the videos he uploaded although they were widely download and spread on the net. Many females were recorded and uploaded by city councilor Yoshitake.