Fast and Furious 7 oh Fast and Furious 7

Today is a off day for me, GOOD FRIDAY.

So I went to BATU 11 SJK (C) to register standard 1 for my daughter.

After that, I went to have hair cut, opposite the school.

RM 9, auntie told me price will increase next few day due to raw material increase price.

Then I went to AEON cheras selatan to catch the early bird discount movie rate, RM 8 (before 12 noon). You must choose seat from A until G, seat row H, I and J is preferred seat, it will charge extra RM 2.

This ACTION movie must watch, it worth every penny of RM 8.

Opps, where did I park my car?

I park opposite AEON cheras selatan at ECONSAVE, free parking, save RM 2.

Lunch at Restaurant Maulana, kanasai charge GST liao.

The stunt, TOKYO, DUBAI, TONY JAA everything worth it,

Total Damage:

Hair Cut: RM 9
Mee Goreng + Teh oh Ais Limau: RM 6.30
Movie Ticket: RM 8 (worth every single cents)
Parking: Free but need to walk, exercise loh