Maybank 2 card replacement oh Maybank 2 card replacement

Maybank 2 card used to be the BEST cash back credit card.

But from 1 August 2015, they take away 5% cash rebate for

So, I need to find a card to replace this two card.

Finally I found it. You will need two card also.

A) Public Bank Visa Signature (PBVS)
6% cash rebate on grocery, online and dining.

Online payment we can us UOBpayonline;

We use PBVS credit card to pay TNB, Astro, Streamyx etc...

It will consider as online payment which entitle you for 6% cash rebate.

But you must eligible to apply this card (100K) per annum. I am not eligible but I will beg them. (grin)

a) 1st year annual fees free, subsequent 12 times in 12 months, minimum 1 time in 1 month else you need to pay RM 388 annual fee.

b) Grocery some consider some not.

c) Capped at RM 50 per month


Ringgit Plus have promotion when you apply public bank credit card, you will get 2 in 1 trolley bags.

Ringgit Plus Public Bank Credit Card

Ringgit Plus Summary of Maybank Ikhwan Card

B) Maybank Ikhwan Master Card

Replace the 5% cash rebate for petrol, but only on Friday and Saturday only.

If PBank VS quota finished, you can continue use this card for 5% grocery cash rebate.

Free for life.

a) only Friday and Saturday.

b) capped at RM 50

Maybank Credit Card

Ringgit Plus Summary of Maybank Ikhwan Card


Besides PBVS, have a look also at HLB Wise Gold. 10% cashback (cap of RM100 per month) for 2 categories of your choice + Mobile, provided that you swipe 10x minimum RM50 per month in those categories.

So if you choose groceries or petrol, split out your bills to RM50 per transaction. :)

Thanks for your suggestions.

I do consider HLB before but I don't think I can fulfil the 10x minimum RM 50, normally my bill of grocery is about RM 30++, petrol only RM 4x, need another 6 x from groceries which I spend per month only 4x, total 8x.

Still lack of 2x.