Financial Independence oh Financial Independence

Very good article to read to reach financial independence.

The below excerpt really strike me:

"To be honest, if you have develop this awareness of what you spend, be able to evaluate your choices based on your value system, you don’t really need to budget. But not many people have that awareness really."

Do you have the awareness of what you spend??

For me:

Each month Spending (as details as possible):
Son childcare: RM 610
Daughter childcare: RM 610
Son Milk: RM 70
Daughter Milk: RM 70
Son diaper: RM 35
Dinner: RM 300
Lunch: RM 300
Grocery (Rice, Cereals, Bread, Milo, Coffee etc): RM 500
Petrol: RM 200
Streamyx internet: RM 70
Electricity: RM 60
Water Bill: RM 6 ( Including RM 11.40 sponsor by Selangor Government)
Handphone bill: RM 35 (Umobile U28 package)
House Loan: RM 1200
Insurance: RM 200

Total: RM 4196

How to reduce above spending??

Anyone have any suggestions?

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I wonder, is the food cost for the whole family or personal?

Food cost is for whole family, me and my wife.
I cater food (Monday to Friday), RM 200 per month exclude rice.
My children eat in kindy.